Fox Run

Want to speed up the ravioli making process? Fox Run's Authentic Italian Ravioli Maker helps to make the perfect size raviolis quickly, just like Mama made them. Load them up with your favorite fillings: parmesan cheese, lobster, crab, sausage, mushroom, and more! Simply press dough into form, fill with your choice of ingredients, and seal with another sheet of dough.

The metal cutting frame will cut and seal every ravioli for you! No more struggling to pinch and seal your raviolis by hand. Simple to use and simple to clean, this mold is made of durable aluminum and plastic and can also be used to make filled pastries. Dried, store-bought raviolis will not compare. Create delicious homemade raviolis easily with this helpful gadget!

  • SIZE: 4.25x12x0.75