Lemon Squeezer

Fox Run

Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to any meal changes its whole flavor profile, sending your taste buds on a whirl. A true necessity for the most delicious seafood dishes, our Lemon Squeezer is designed to assist you with adding the complementary finishing touches.

Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, this handy tool can be used to easily obtain fresh, pit-free citrus juice. Simply insert a lemon or lime wedge and squeeze! Featuring a unique and fitting fish shape, this squeezer makes it simple to add that citrus flavor directly to your grilled salmon or wild-caught trout without any pesky pits falling into your food. Also great for adding lemon or lime juice to cocktails or tea!

Nantucket Seafood's Lemon Squeezer makes it possible to enjoy just the right amount of citrus juice through a controlled, careful squeeze of the wedge, for a clean and crisp flavor enrichment that will allow all other flavors to shine.

  • SIZE: 1.25x5x2.75