Seasonal Curd

Stonewall Kitchen


Prepared in the style of traditional English-style custard, our Lemon Curd adds a regal touch of sweet tartness to shortbread, scones, warmed gingerbread, cookies and pound cake.

Try spreading our Lemon Curd in between a stack of pancakes.

For a real treat, try our Lemon Curd in a pastry shell topped with fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped cream!



Rich, sweet and creamy Stonewall Kitchen Key Lime Curd is bright with tart flavor.

The transatlantic key lime succeeds as the main ingredient in this English style, smooth and creamy custard. The distinctive flavor of the tiny key limes make this traditional English spread unique yet perfect for topping warm scones or biscuits.

Add a dollop to freshly baked pound cake for a sensational dessert.