IBIS Electric Water Kettle 1.5 L/51 oz


One of our most classic products, the IBIS electric kettle offers style and performance in your kitchen. With black detailing, this stainless steel kettle has a premium feel that you’ll be proud to display on your kitchen worktop.

It won’t disappoint on performance, either. With an energy-efficient rapid boil and clear water scale so you only boil the amount required, it’s ideal when you want to kick-start your morning with that all-important coffee or invite over family and friends for a tea and chat.

With a host of useful features such as integrated cord storage to keep your countertop tidy and a removable, washable filter to prevent limescale tainting your cuppa, this is one of the best silver kettles for all-round performance and undisputed style.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Classic stainless steel kettle.
  • Energy-efficient rapid boil.
  • Clear water scale, so you only boil the exact amount of water required.
  • Removable filter in the spout that prevents limescale from entering your cup and tainting the taste of your freshly brewed cuppa.
  • Indicator light shows when the kettle is operating.
  • Manual on/off switch with automatic shut-off when the kettle reaches boiling point.
  • Covered heating element for easy cleaning.
  • Cordless kettle for convenience.
  • Integrated cord storage to keep your kitchen worktop nice and tidy.

Use & Care

Before using the electric kettle for the first time, fill to the MAX with cold water, boil, and discard.

Clean regularly to prevent limescale build up. The kettle can be cleaned with a descaling product, and the exterior wiped with a damp cloth.

How It Works

  1. Remove the stainless steel kettle from its base and fill to the required level.
  2. Place back on the base and switch on the power switch.
  3. The i