Handcrafted Bitters


Kinsip bitters are handcrafted at their farm-based distillery. These bitters bring drops full of delicately balanced flavours to your home and allow you to create interesting, complex, and nuanced cocktails with ease.  Add a drop or two of bitters to compliment the flavours in any drink.

Vanilla Rye: Vanilla is layered onto a dark rye whisky base. The vanilla complements the classic notes found in whisky and it adds a certain complexity to any dark spirited drink. This could also easily be used to add flavour in your next batch of pancakes.

Lavender LemonLavender leads on this bitters while lemon provides a subtle back note. Gin loves lavender!

House: Kinsip's version of the classic Angostura. Citrus with a warm spices coming through. It goes well in everything!

OrangeOrange is the second most popular bitters worldwide. Orange bitters add the required twist of citrus when you have none.

Ginger: These Ginger Bitters adds a layer of ginger and spice to summertime flavours. Pair with cocktail flavours of apple or strawberry.

Hibiscus Rosehip: The Hibiscus Rosehip is a floral, ruby red bitters that is packed with flavour. Pair this with any light vodka or gin drink for an exotic pop.

Vanilla Rye
Lavender Lemon
Hibiscus Rosehip