Sloane Tea | Heavenly Cream | Signature Caddy

Sloane Tea

Heavenly Cream | A rich blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea balanced with notes of Italian bergamot and creamy Madagascar vanilla.

Sloane Tea's Signature Caddies are where it all began, custom designed to perfectly reflect the beauty of what you will find inside. Each tin is filled with whole leaf loose leaf tea, sealed tight with an airtight plug and lid.

NET WEIGHT 100 grams
Indian black tea, Ceylon black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours
HOW TO STEEP 1 tsp. for 5 minutes with 12oz. of 100°C water
HOW TO DRINK Savour straight, iced, or complement with dairy

The Sloane story is about beauty. Beauty as told through the senses of taste, smell and sight. Beauty as experienced through the remarkable taste of our teas, as well as the beauty of the colour in your cup and the enticing aromas. Sloane’s signature line of teas and tisanes combine the finest loose leaf teas, exotic ingredients and artisanal techniques.