Ballarini 12" Aluminum Wok


Unfortunately, this cookware is unable to settle the argument over whether it was the Italians or the Asians who invented the noodle. However, it’s excellent proof that, in the end, it’s all about combining the best of both worlds. And that’s what the BALLARINI Avola 30 cm wok does to perfection. It combines the fundamentals of Asian cuisine with Italian aesthetics and technical know-how. The wok’s solid aluminium facilitates rapid heating. A major advantage, as cooking with a wok is all about frying at high temperatures. The wok is also suitable for use on induction hobs, whereby its special radiant induction technology guarantees excellent heat distribution. Continually stirring meat, vegetables and noodles (both Asian and Italian!) allows them to be cooked particularly gently. The ingredients are pushed back and forth between the hot wok base and the cooler walls to better preserve nutrients and vitamins. Plus, you don’t have to worry about scratching the wok’s base when stir-frying (as the technique’s called). It’s treated with 3-ply KERAVIS Extreme non-stick coating. Scratching or cracking it is almost impossible. By the way: Because cooking with a wok is done at such high temperatures, it’s best to use oils with especially high smoke points. Soya and peanut oil are preferable to butter. Because the wok is dishwasher-safe, you also save on washing up after all that stir-frying. Speaking of which ... Who invented the dishwasher? An invention that’s as life enriching as pasta!

  • For frying, steaming, deep-frying, smoking & blanching
  • Suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction
  • With handy Thermopoint
  • Elegant look thanks to its deep-black powder coating
  • Made in Italy