Winewings Cabernet Sauvignon Single Glass


The Cabernet Sauvignon glass is perfect for powerful, complex red wines.

Its unique flat-bottomed design brings forward primary fruit aromas, allowing the bouquet to develop in detail. It balances the intensity of flavour with the bitter tannins typical of thick-skinned red wine grapes.

RIEDEL Winewings is a brutally functional glass collection, taking wine's aromas and flavors on a flight. Made up of several new shapes, these flat-bottomed glasses are reminiscent of the wing of an aircraft. This means the wine has a greater surface area in the glass, which increases the levels of evaporation and enables a greater intensity of aroma.

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.
This pack contains a single piece.

Perfect for these grapes:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc.