Lux Copper Coloured Titanium Coated Grill Tongs


These grilling tongs are a brilliant example of elegant, durable design. Completely weatherproof, the sturdy stainless steel coated in copper coloured titanium and streamlined form reflects the beauty of focused simplicity. The handles lock for your convenience, and the scalloped heads will handle food without piercing. No bells or whistles, just pure style and pure utility.In order to make the Lux Series the most durable Outset grill tools ever, we turned to the demanding world of engineers and luxury watchmakers. The Lux Copper and Lux Gold series tools get their lustrous color from a plating process called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition). This technology uses an electric arc inside a vacuum chamber to permanently fuse an even layer of pure titanium directly to the stainless steel core. The result: a brilliant, corrosion-resistant coating that is food-safe and free of chemical binders. How do you improve on stainless steel? Cover it in Titanium!